Pulled into the path of a bus


While driving on the A1 carriageway near Dromore a 32-year-old woman pulled into the path of a bus and caused a collision.

Magdalena Kosiarska, Ardcarn Park, Newry, was fined £200 last Thursday at Banbridge Magistrates Court for driving without due care and attention.

She was also given five points and ordered to pay a £15 offender’s levy.

The court heard that around teatime on January 9 this year police were called to a road traffic collision at the slipway to the A1 at Dromore.

A bus in the outside lane, travelling at 60mph, saw the defendant’s vehicle in front slow down and the bus pulled into the inside lane.

The defendant’s vehicle also pulled into that lane and there was a collision.

Kosiarska told police she had been momentarily blinded by the bus flashing its lights when the driver was trying to indicate he was there and she was following her car’s satellite navigation system.

District Judge, Mr Paul Copeland, told the defendant, who pleaded guilty herself, that she needed to be more careful in the future.