Punching road signs when out with friends

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While socialising with friends in Banbridge the behaviour of a 21-year-old man brought him to the attention of police.

And when he was arrested he spat on the walls of the van taking him into custody, Banbridge Magistrates Court heard last Thursday.

Kurtis Edgar, Glencairn Walk, Belfast, pleaded guilty to disorderly behaviour on August 7 this year and criminal damage to a police van.

The court heard that the defendant was behaving in a disorderly manner in Scarva Road, Banbridge and punching road signs. When police arrived he immediately became aggressive towards them with the usual foulmouthed diatribe. He was also attempting to inhale lighter gas.

Edgar was arrested for disorderly behaviour and when he was put in the cell van he spat on the walls.

When interviewed later he admitted being disorderly and spitting saying he had been sniffing lighter gas but that was no excuse.

District Judge, Mr Paul Copeland, said most of his offending was in the Belfast area and asked what he was doing in Banbridge.

Edgar’s solicitor said he had friends in Banbridge and had been socialising with them. The solicitor pointed out there was no violence threatened, it was just verbal abuse and the spitting did not involve any individual.

District Judge, Mr Paul Copeland imposed a total of 150 hours community service and ordered Edgar to pay £50 towards cleaning the van.