Relief driver was not insured, court hears


When she felt unwell on her way home a 36-year- old woman asked someone else todrive but it transpired the individual concerned was not insured.

Melanie McKinney (36) of Rockfield Court, Magheralin, had six penalty points imposed last Thursday at Banbridge Magistrates Court, for permitting no insurance on April 28 thisyear.

She was also given a conditional discharge for six months.

The court heard police stopped a car at Scarva Road, Banbridge; it was being driven by a male and the defendant, who owned the car , was a passenger.

She told police she had not been feeling well and had allowed the other person to drive.

Mr Gabriel Ingram, defending, said McKinney had been coming from thedoctor’s and felt unwell so her friend took over. She had been driving for 11years with no record.

Deputy District Judge, Laura Ievers, said she would take into account what was said

on behalf of the defendant.