Spat and urinated in his cell after resisting police

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An arrest warrant was issued last Wednesday at Craigavon Magistrates Court for a 58-year-old man convicted of a number of offences in Portadown.

He was John Benedict Loughlin, whose address for offences on December 29 last year was given as Portmore Street, Portadown.

For offences which took place on February 9 this year his address was given as Cliftonville Avenue, Belfast. Loughlin did not appear on Wednesday to answer his bail.

The court heard that on February 9 police were called to Portmore Street in Portadown where the defendant was hanging out of the window of his flat shouting abuse at other residents.

There was a lot of damage to the flat and when he was arrested Loughlin struggled with police.

He went to the ground and had to be lifted into the police vehicle. When in custody he urinated and spat in a cell even though there was a toilet. He was moved to another cell and did the same thing again.

District Judge, Mrs Bernie Kelly, recorded convictions for two disorderly behaviour offences, resisting police, causing a breach of the peace and three criminal damage charges.

Loughlin had also been in the court list to contest three criminal damage charges.

A public prosecutor said that on December 29 last year at 12.45am there was a report of criminal damage at Portmore Street.

A panel on a door had been broken and graffiti had been painted on a gable wall with red paint.

There was a trail of paint to the top flat where Loughlin lived and red paint stained clothing was found. During interview he denied the offence.

On January 14 white painting appeared on a wall at Edward Street and a witness identified the defendant at the person responsible.

The judge recorded convictions for the criminal damage offences and issued an arrest warrant for Loughlin to be brought to court for sentencing.