Take steps to make your home safe

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The Policing and Community Safety Partnership have issued advice to householders when leaving their home empty.

It is important they say, to ensure to leave it as secure as possible.

Getting into an ‘exit routine’ can help ensure that you don’t forget obvious, but important things.

Among some of things they advice householders to do is to close and lock all doors and windows, even if they are only going out for a short time.

Make sure you set your house alarm when going out and at night time check that the side and/or back gate is locked.

Keep all ladders and tools locked in the shed or garage and make sure any valuables are not in sight

Put keys out of reach of letterboxes and never leave car documents or ID in obvious places such as kitchens or halls.

If you need further advice contact Stephanie at the PCSP on 028 3752 96525 or 07712 192287.