Threatened to urinate on police car during drunken incident

Court image
Court image

During a drunken incident in Banbridge a 21-year-old man threatened to urinate on a police car, the local court heard last Thursday.

Christopher David Walker, Banbridge Road, Waringstown, admitted disorderly behaviour on August 13 this year.

The court heard that shortly after 10pm near the Coach nightclub the defendant was making a nuisance of himself.

He was in the middle of the road, shouting and swearing. He was highly intoxicated.

As police went to speak to him Walker ran off and once again he started shouting and swearing outside Friar Tuck’s using the usual foulmouthed diatribe.

Walker threatened to urinate on a police car and take off all his clothes.

When he threatened to assault police officers police reached the end of their tether and arrested him for disorderly behaviour.

He has relevant previous convictions.

Noting that Walker had a ‘horrendous record’ Deputy District Judge Chris Holmes adjourned the case until October 1 for a pre-sentence report.