Three charged over burglary

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Two men have elected to have a jury trial over allegations of going equipped for theft and attempted burglary.

And a third accused who has pleaded not guilty wants his case heard in the magistrates’ court.

Appearing last Thursday at Banbridge Magistrates Court were Christopher Abbott (29), Lurgan Road, Banbridge, Paul Bingham (25), Chestnut Place, Banbridge, and Christopher Owens (24), Thornhill Drive, Dromore.

All three are accused of going equipped for theft with a crowbar, torch, screwdriver, gloves and balaclavas on November 24 last year and on the same date attempting to enter an outhouse at Huntly Road, Banbridge, with intent to steal.

When the charges were put to them last week at court Abbott and Owens elected for a jury trial while Bingham chose the magistrates’ court and pleaded not guilty. All three cases were adjourned until July 28 .