Threw punches at man who made ‘unwanted advances’

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When she received ‘unwanted advances’ from a man outside a Banbridge nightclub a 28-year-old woman threw punches at him and then was abusive to police.

Kirsty Munro, Highfield Gardens, Banbridge, was fined £100 last Thursday at the local magistrates’ court for disorderly behaviour on October 15 this year. She was also ordered to pay a £15 offender’s levy.

The court heard that shortly after 1am police saw Munro outside the Coach nightclub. She threw a number of punches at a man.

When police approached her she told them to ‘f—k off’ and used other derogatory terms before being arrested for disorderly behaviour.

A solicitor representing Munro said the last time she was before a court was seven years ago. He explained that the defendant had been out drinking. When leaving the club a male made unwanted advances to her and she lost her head.

The solicitor said she would apologise to the court for her behaviour.