Tried to break window to get into station


When he was told he could not get into Banbridge police station because it was closed a 32-year-old man threw a piece of masonry through the window of a parked vehicle.

Jonathan Dean Gartland, Scarva Walk, Banbridge, admitted a charge of criminal damage last Thursday at the local magistrates’ court.

The court heard that on July 24 this year at approximately 2.30am Gartland arrived at the police station asking to speak to an officer.

He was told the station was closed to the public and the defendant said he was going to smash a window and that way he would get to talk to the police.

Gartland then picked up a piece of masonry and threw it through the window of a vehicle.

The injured party said the cost of repair was between £200 and £300.

A solicitor representing the defendant said he had been out that night drinking with friends.

He explained that on his way home Gartland thought he was being followed by two individuals he believed were going to cause him harm.

The solicitor added that his client spoke to two people at the station he believed were police officers and wanted their assistance.

He said that Gartland was told the station was closed and to go away by these non police personnel and rather stupidly he put the brick through the window.

The solicitor added the defendant was more than willing to pay for the damage.

Ordering Gartland to pay £200 compensation Deputy District Judge, Mr John Connolly, said it was ‘stupid behaviour’.