Warning to parents and teenagers on alcohol

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Police have issued a reminder on underage drinking - after stopping with a group of youths on the Portadown Road in Lurgan who were on their way to Belsonic in Belfast.

A spokesperson said they had received a number of reports of groups of teenagers gathering in Lurgan, Portadown and the surrounding areas. They added: “I had the pleasure of stopping and speaking to the group on the Portadown Road, Lurgan and I have to say, they were a decent group! Some did have drink with them and they understood this wasn’t allowed and gave it over to us.

“Almost all of them knew about the rules regarding drinking in the presence of minors and drinking in public places, and also most of them, knew that if they were drunk, they wouldn’t get into the concert, that many had paid a lot of their own money to go to.”

The spokesperson asked parents to make sure if their teenagers are going to Belsonic, to establish how they are getting there and back, and reinforce the no alcohol rule.

And to the youngsters they said: “If you’re under 18, drinking is not allowed. You will not be permitted to buy alcohol within the venue. If you’re under 16, you will not be permitted entry to the venue I’m afraid and if you look young, having some form of ID would be recommended.

“I want everyone to have a great time, especially in this weather. You’ve all paid a fair amount of money to get down to Belfast so don’t ruin it at the first hurdle!”