Was abusive in area hospital

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A 24-year- old man who was guilty of ‘appalling behaviour’ in a hospital was sentenced to three months in prison at Craigavon Magistrates Court.

Shane Harte, Garland Avenue, Lurgan, admitted disorderly offences on two occasions.

For disorderly behaviour on April 4 last year he was given two months while a concurrent three-month term was imposed for assault on the same occasion. He was given three months, also concurrent, for disorderly behaviour on January 30 and one month for possession of cannabis.

The court heard that on January 29 at 11.10pm the defendant approached Lurgan police station and said he had been assaulted.

He was conveyed to Craigavon Hospital, where Harte began swearing. He was warned about his behaviour, but continued to shout and swear and said he had some ‘green’ in his pocket.

A search uncovered a bag of herbal cannabis. Harte said there was only enough for a joint. The defendant carried on being abusive and told police: “I’m going to take a shotgun and blow your heads off.”

On April 4 last year at 6.15pm members of the public informed police about males fighting in William Street, Lurgan. Harte was identified from CCTV as one of those taking part in the disorderly behaviour and was arrested.

While in custody he was identified by the injured party who said Harte had assaulted him by hitting him from behind on his right cheekbone and the side of the head.

A barrister representing Harte said this was ‘appalling behaviour’ and the defendant

had been drinking on both occasions. He had not drank since the last incident.

District Judge Peter King said that offending in the hospital could not be passed over

although no medical staff or patients were physically hurt.

Sentencing Harte to a total of three months in jail he also ordered him to pay a £25 offender’s levy. Later in the court the defendant’s barrister asked for bail to appeal and for her client to be released.

J udge King set bail at £500 and released Harte pending the appeal.