Was moving her car after fight broke out

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When a fight broke out near where her vehicle was parked in Banbridge a 36-year-old woman decided to move it somewhere else .

But she had been drinking and was found to be over the limit.

The manner of her driving had attracted the attention of the police and a breath test revealed she was more than twice the limit, Banbridge Magistrates Court heard last Thursday.

Michelle Hanna, Rannoche Close, Crossgar, was fined £150, ordered to pay a £15 offender’s levy.

She was also banned for 12 months for excess alcohol in her breath on March 5 this year.

She was certified suitable for the drink driving course which if she completes it would reduce her ban to nine months.

The court heard that shortly after 2.30am police saw a car in Bridge Street, Banbridge, which was swerving over the white line.

It then indicated to turn left before driving on and narrowly missing a kerb before it was stopped on the Dromore Road.

After failing a roadside test an evidential test was carried out on the defendant and the reading was 80 in breath.

A solicitor representing Hanna said she had her partner had been out for the evening.

They had intended to take a taxi home.

He explained that in the area where her car was parked a fight developed and she simply wanted to move the car up the road.

It was not her intention to go out that night and commit any offence, added the solicitor.

Deputy District Judge Laura Ievers said it was very unfortunate for the defendant to come before the court as she not had any blots on her record.

But, the judge added that other road users in the area were put at risk and the defendant was considerably above the limit, being 45 in excess.