Went on Outlet shoplifting spree


A Lithuanian man who came to Banbridge “equipped with a bag designed to prevent detection” stole goods from a number of shops at the Outlet.

Gintarus Kairevicius with an address in Dundalk was sentenced to three months in prison suspended for two years and fined a total of £339.00 - the total cost of the goods he stole.

The court heard how he stole a number of items including two polo shirts from Alfino.

Officers responded to a call from centre security at 1.30pm to say a man had placed items in a bag.

Police asked him to show the contents of the bags and he immediately dropped them and ran away.

However he was apprehended a short distance away.

Officers discovered that one of the bags was foil lined and the other contained a large magnet.

A solicitor said his 36 year old client had lived in ireland for seven years.

He said he came to Banbridge to do shopping.

District Judge Mr Copeland said, “I do not accept this was done on impulse.

“You are now a convicted thief.”