Went to collect girlfriend after drinking

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After he had been out drinking a 25-year-old man decided to drive when his girlfriend called and asked for a lift.

And when he was arrested by police he refused to provide a breath sample for analysis.

David Anthony Wilson, Edenderry Gardens, Banbridge, was fined £300 last Thursday at the local court for failing to provide a specimen.

He was also banned for 12 months and ordered to pay a £15 offender’s levy. For breach of a traffic sign he was fined £50.

The court heard that on March 20 this year at 2.30am police stopped the defendant while he was driving on the Scarva Road in Banbridge.

They noticed that his speech was slurred and there was a smell of alcohol on his breath. Wilson was arrested but failed to provide a specimen of breath.

A solicitor representing the defendant said he fully accepted the danger he had put himself in and other road users. He explained that Wilson had been out drinking and had gone home.

He then got a call from his girlfriend to collect her and he was on his way home when he was detected after going through a red light.

He said that Wilson thought he should seek legal advice before providing a sample but he accepted he was well over the limit.