‘You won’t see 30 the way you are going’

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An 18-year-old man whose drink problem gets him into trouble was told he would not reach the age of 30 if he carried on the way he was going.

Nathan Amor, Bronte Park, Loughbrickland, was sentenced last Wednesday at Craigavon Magistrates Court for offences which happened in Lurgan.

For breach of a non molestation order on February 4 this year he was sentenced to one month in custody.

Three month custodial terms were imposed for the theft of two bottles of vodka and a bottle of rum, valued at £29.97, from Lidl on March 10 and disorderly behaviour on the same date.

The three month sentences are to run concurrently with each other but consecutive to the one month term making a total sentence of four months.

The court heard that on February 4 at 2am police were contacted by the defendant’s mother who said her son at been banging at the door of her home at Queen Street in Lurgan. Amor who was the subject of a non molestation order was found in Market Street.

The injured party said he had been banging at her door and asking for money. She had spoken to him from an upstairs window and felt threatened.

Amor said he did not intend any harm to his mother. He had consumed alcohol.

On March 10 this year at the Lidl store in Castle Lane, Lurgan, at approximately 6.30pm a man stole two bottles of vodka and a bottle of rum from the shop.

A description was circulated to the police who later located Amor being restrained on the ground. He said: “What the f—k is your problem, Get away from me.”

Members of the public were in the area at the time as well as parishioners from the Emmanuel Church.

The defendant claimed he had purchased the vodka from an off licence but a check showed the off licence did not sell that brand of vodka.

When interviewed Amor admitted he had consumed a ten glass bottle of vodka.

He said he could not remember anything after leaving the store and going to a friend’s house to drink.

A barrister said his client’s offending was tied up with alcohol. He added that Amor had obtained employment and asked the court to give him a chance.

District Judge, Mrs Bernie Kelly, said the defendant had been helped by the justice system time and time again.

She told him that he was ‘not going to see 30’ if he kept on the way he was going but it had got to the stage where she had to consider his impact on the general public.

The judge said he had breached bail and was given a chance to go to probation but did not turn up and squandered it. Imposing the custodial sentences the judge also imposed a £25 offender’s levy.