Young driver banned for insurance offence


A 19-year- old man who allowed a friend to drive his car without being insured was banned from driving for 14 days at Banbridge Magistrates Courtlast Thursday,

James Waugh of Steens Hill, Banbridge, admitted permitting someone to drive without having insurance on December 22 last year.

The court heard that at 2.30am on the date in question police stopped a car at Banbridge Road, Laurencetown, and there were four males in the vehicle.

The driver said his name was James Waugh but it transpired that Waugh was in fact a passenger in the vehicle.

He admitted that he had allowed someone else to drive the vehicle.

He had no record.

A solicitor representing the defendant said it was his client’s friend who had givenfalse details to the police.

He explained that Waugh’s friend had said he had an insurance policy whichpermitted him to drive the car.

The solicitor conceded that the burden was on Waugh to make sure that what his friendwas saying was correct but that had not been the case.

He said that his client had got his full licence on March 24 last year and this had happened in December.

Waugh had three points on his licence, he said, and should he be given the minimum six points penalty he would be subject to a lengthy disqualification.

The solicitor added that if that were to happen the defendant’s employer might not be able to keep him on.

He asked the court to consider a short period of disqualification.

Deputy District Judge Laura Ievers said that the offence of permitting no insurance was a serious matter butthis was a somewhat unusual case and she believed the defendant had learned his lesson.

She added that she had been persuaded to impose a short period of disqualification.