Dog’s injuries were not deliberate says vet

Holly the dog.
Holly the dog.

A family whose dog suffered horrific injuries have said they are overwhelmed by the response of the public.

Initially it had been thought the dog had been the victim of a sickening attack but following a veterinary examination it is now thought she may have been in an accident involving a truck or heavy machinery.

Holly, a collie, is said to be recovering following traumatic and serious injuries. She had been found close to her home in the Rosevale Road area of Scarva.

Her owners, posting on Facebook, said, “We have Holly home and resting as comfortably as possible. She is not herself but hopefully with care and love she will come right.

“She has serious damage to her ankle which needs to be corrected with brace and pins. She still needs this major operation to permanently brace her ankle rigid and [the vet] wants to wait till she is recovered enough with these current injuries. She needs to wear a brace till then.

“She looks a mess and has a long and emotional journey ahead of her.

“Spoke to the vet re injuries and he thinks it may be more fitting to actually being dragged into and under a heavy truck or machinery. So hopefully this can bring us peace that she wasn’t taken and abused.

“We will never know what really happened. But the focus and energy needs to be on bringing Holly back to health and her normal self.

“It is more the mental and trauma she has suffered. Her injuries are life changing, but she is alive and will get better. To see her without her magnificent tail is heart wrenching. Not only was it cut... the bone had been broken at the base.

“Thank you everyone for your kind support and comments.”