Dromore High School reaches for a better world with Global Learning

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Dromore High is reaching for a better world by recently achieving the Level One Certificate in Global Learning.

The Global Learning Programme is a new formal education project designed to enhance the global learning taking place in schools throughout Northern Ireland.

It involves raising awareness of relevant world issues while educating students in both primary and secondary schools through a wide variety of subjects, encouraging them to pursue justice, fairness and equality internationally and in their own communities.

Global Learning NI describes global learning as “education for a fair and sustainable world. In other words, a world free of poverty where all human beings are treated with respect and dignity and where individuals, communities, businesses and countries behave and develop in a way which meets the needs of the present without compromising the needs of other people and future generations.”

The Global Learning Programme is not an add-on to the curriculum, but rather provides an important lens through which to explore and enhance the existing curriculum strands, topics and skills.

Participating schools are guided on how best to integrate global learning across each of their subjects from maths to music, e.g. in maths lessons pupils can examine statistics on global inequality, while in music they can explore songs about injustice from around the world.

Dromore High is focusing on the issue of homelessness as part of their global learning this year. At the start of December senior pupils will be taking part in a homeless simulation sleep out and in February the issue will be the focus of Global Learning Week in the school.

Homelessness is a growing issue globally, meaning many people for many reasons are forced to live on the streets – summer or winter, rain or shine. The reality of this issue is striking when we realise that it is, in fact, right on our door step.

The global learning team, consisting of four staff members and six pupils, will be working with pupils to engage them in activities that will ignite a passion for change in their education and ultimately, their futures.