Dromore High work experience

Johnathan Millar
Johnathan Millar

Dromore High School students were given the chance to experience the world of work last week, including Johnathan Millar who spent three days with the Leader. Johnathan told of his experiences:

My name is Johnathan Millar and I am currently studying for my As-levels in Dromore High School. In years twelve and thirteen, in Dromore, students get the opportunity to go on work experience.

In the future I am hoping to have a career in Journalism. Dromore High School careers teacher; Mrs Scott said, ‘work experience is good because you get to see students in a new light. Students learn skills that can qualify them to be in the working environment.’

I decided that for my work experience I would go to The Leader.

Work experience has allowed me to further my skills in time management and communication.

These skills may become important when I am looking for future employment. Journalists have a set time frame in which their work has to be done, if their work is not done in this time frame then it will not be able to go into the newspaper. Journalists have to be communicative to talk through any changes in the newspapers with the editors, they also have to talk with members of the public and local businesses that may have stories of interest concerning the newspaper.

Students can offer many qualities to and organisation and can offer fresh new ideas or develop projects that the company just hasn’t had time to carry out. Overall, by offering students a period of work experience, your business will gain fresh enthusiasm, as well as a cost-effective flexible solution to your recruitment needs.