Dromore Nursery School picks up third Green Flag

Chuildren from Dromore Nursery School with their third Green Flag.
Chuildren from Dromore Nursery School with their third Green Flag.

Dromore Nursery School, one of the first nursery schools ever to achieve a Green Flag, has now been awarded its third.

The award recognises the school’s commitment to educating children in sustainable processes, healthy lifestyles and recycling.

A delighted principal, Mrs Sharon Beattie, spoke of her pride in pupils and staff for their continued commitment.

She added: “Mrs Chambers, the teacher who is in charge of ECO programmes, is meticulous in all of her work and therefore I am not surprised by the exemplary report she has achieved.

“Parents again have supported every aspect of our work and given of their time to support a number of initiatives throughout the year.

“This as always is supported by a very committed and active Board of Governors.

“However, a key member of this team is Mrs Allison Chambers, the school caretaker, and without her tireless commitment to the approaches within the school we could not have achieved the standards we take for granted.”

Green Flag assessor Catherine Woods, likewise congratulated staff and pupils, caretaker and parents, on achieving the school’s environmental targets.

The children greeted the assessor at the front of the school and sang their ECO song, written by teacher Mrs Sharon Chambers.

The children, supported by Mrs Chambers and parent representatives Michael Preedy and Katherine Smylie, showed off their school and all the work they had been involved in throughout the year. One highlight was the Superhero character ‘Michael Recycle’.

Said the assessor: “The displays are fantastic. There is good use of internal and external spaces. The work is extensive and impressive on Biodiversity and Healthy Living topics.

“The children are beginning to understand eco-issues such as waste efficiency and saving energy. I loved the eco-song.”

Dromore High School will hold the Green Flag for two years before being asked to apply again, addressing a different topic or looking at ways of making sound financial savings.

Said Mrs Beattie: “We will now be looking to the future and some new and exciting ventures to develop this aspect of our work further. Well done to everyone involved”.