Drugs ‘coming to a public park near you’

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Evidence of what some fear is a growing drugs culture in Dromore can be found in plain sight, as our picture shows.

Local man Paul McFarland found these makeshift drugs pipes, or ‘bongs’, while walking at Ferris Park on Sunday night.

Condemning the culprits’ “total disregard” for other park users, he later disposed of the pipes under police instruction.

“Drugs are a scourge on society and those who peddle them are peddling death,” he said, posting the pictures online with the caption “Coming to a public park near you.”

Online reaction unearthed fears of a policing shortfall and included calls for more drugs education. “Dirty scum!” was Sharon-Lee McK ee’s verdict posted on Facebook, while Heather Herron branded it a “disgrace”.

Una Mc Quaid said: “Not forgetting the damage done at viaduct...!! Hoodlums...!! Do the parents not know where they are...??”

Lesley Corken said: “It’s actually quite upsetting that people, possibly youths are wasting their time doing this and jeopardising their health & future.”

Wannita Broome suggested: “. . . We need to educate these kids on the dangers of taking drugs.”

Convinced there are too few police patrolling Dromore, Neil William Greer was in no doubt: “This town is on its way down!”

Alan Wharton was of like mind: “Good luck catching the culprits. Haven’t seen a policeman/policewoman walk this town in years.”

Confirming the find in a dug-out at Ferris Park, close to the main road, police themselves spoke of targeting resources.

“Any type of illegal drug use is of concern for police and we would ask anyone who has information in relation to the use or supply of drugs to contact us at the earliest opportunity so that we can target our resources to tackle this issue,” a spokesperson said. “We can be contacted on 101.”

As far back as 2012 some concerned locals feared a rash of cannabis-related graffiti in Dromore indicated a burgeoning drugs culture, something police said at the time they did not believe to be the case.

In April that year some £8,000 of cannabis was seized at Cross Lane, Dromore. More recently, in May this year, cannabis plants and cocaine were seized at Quillyburn in town.