Dromore High students bring tales of adventure out of Africa

The pupils of both Dromore High School and Ronaken Education Centre thanking everyone for their support.
The pupils of both Dromore High School and Ronaken Education Centre thanking everyone for their support.

A team of twenty-six students and three staff from Dromore High School travelled to Nakuru, Kenya from 11th to 22nd March with African Adventures.

The group flew out of Dublin on the overnight flight to Dubai, narrowly catching the connecting flight to Nairobi.

After visiting baggage reclaim for 29 missing suitcases, the group headed on the five hour bus journey to their base in Kivu Resort Nakuru.

For project work the group split into three groups and worked in three primary schools; Hadassah Mission School where students built a classroom, Mama Kerry where they built another classroom and Ronaken Education Centre where they built a fence.

Students also contributed to lessons in each school. After a week working in the schools, bonds were made and it was difficult to say goodbye.

Dromore pupil Emma McCoosh said the trip changed her outlook on life.

Emma commented: “My trip to Kenya was indescribable; I really loved the whole experience, and would highly recommend it to anyone.

“It has changed my whole outlook on life,” she said.

“When we went to the schools the children were so full of love and were always hugging you, they were all so adorable.”

As a group the Dromore pupils visited a fourth school, The Walk Centre and were given the opportunity to see where some of these pupils live, Hilton Dump.

The weekend, however, gave the group a chance to see the tourist side of Kenya.

They went on safari through Nakuru National Park, stopped off at the Equator and visited Thompson Falls. On the journey home the pupils went to an Elephant Orphanage and a Giraffe Sanctuary.

Thirty-two hours after leaving their accommodation they finally arrived back at Dromore High, exhausted but full of stories to share.

Dromore High School’s Kenya Team would like to thank the local community for all the support given; they really appreciated the attendance at their fundraising events and were blown away by the number of donations they received when they put out a request for items.

The community in Nakuru, Kenya would like to pass on their thanks, they were overwhelmed by the array of items they brought to them, the local students could not have done this without your help.

On returning a number of students entered a UK wide blog competition run by African Adventures, the organisation the school arranged the trip with.

Dromore High School were thrilled when one of their students, Sarah Duff, won the competition.