MP hosts meeting for parents with nursery complaints

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Upper Bann MP David Simpson has hosted a meeting to discuss with families the difficulty they have experienced in accessing suitable nursery provision within the Banbridge and Craigavon area.

The meeting took place in Craigavon Civic Centre in response to the shortage highlighted last week in The Leader with a packed room of parents present to voice their concerns.

Speaking following the meeting Mr. Simpson said, “I was taken back this year by the level of complaints and the apparent shortage in nursery places throughout the Upper Bann area.

“I hosted this meeting as a direct result and I believe it very much lifted the lid on an escalating problem. What we have witnessed this year is an unprecedented number of unplaced children following the first stage of the process.

“A total of 86 children remain unplaced with many others not having been awarded the most suitable location.”

“I found the meeting extremely enlightening and I have sought an urgent meeting with the Board and the Department to discuss this problem.

“Parents are disgruntled and rightly so at the lack of provision, the differing rules for every school, the lack of information around the application process and most importantly the situation pertaining to Primary 1 provision.

I have also pledged to work with individual parents in appealing their cases and to ascertain placement in other suitable locations.”