Students’ achievements celebrated at Drumadonnell Primary School

A SPECIAL Leavers’ Assembly was held in Drumadonnell Primary School on Tuesday June 26 at which the achievements of the Primary 7 pupils were recognised and celebrated.

Parents and friends of the Primary 7 children joined with the rest of the school for this special event in the school’s calendar.

The Principal, Mr. Keith Spiers, welcomed parents and friends and a programme followed, presented by the Primary 7 children. The programme included singing, comedy, gymnastics, instrumental items, highland dancing, the Haka and a sketch, written and performed by the children.

After this very enjoyable programme, during which the children displayed their wide and varied talents, Records of Achievement, ICT Accreditation certificates, Cycling Proficiency certificates, swimming certificates and individual awards were then presented.

Mr. Spiers thanked the staff for all the work carried out with the children during their time at the school. He also thanked the parents for their cooperation and assistance.

Finally, he wished the children well as they moved on to post-primary school. They had achieved much already and he hoped that they would continue to achieve in the future. Drumadonnell had sought to prepare the children for life beyond school. He hoped that the experiences they had in their primary school education would equip them for what lies ahead.

At the end of the event a presentation of an ornamental windmill was made by the P7 children. This will be placed in the recently constructed Sensory Garden. Mr. Spiers thanked the children and their parents for this lovely surprise and looked forward to its installation in the garden.

A very pleasant morning ended with refreshments prepared by Mrs. McDowell and her staff.

Individual awards included: The Wilson Cup for English - David Baxter and Cameron Martin; The Spiers Cup for Mathematics - David Baxter and Kim Murphy; The Gracey Shield for Science - Cameron Martin; The Governors’ Cup for Endeavour - Victoria Wright and Chloe Jackson; The Minnis Shield for Art and Design - Andrew Porter; The Barlow Shield for Music and Drama - Natalya English and Heynes Brown; The Bell P.E. Shield - Robyn Hanna and Joshua Crawford; The SELB Attendance Cup - David Baxter; The Mikie Chapman Memorial Shield for Footballer of the Year - Joel Hayes; The Jelly Cup for Respect and Mutual Understanding - Victoria McConnell and Victoria Rowan; The Cromie Cup for Respect and Mutual Understanding - Michael Clydesdale and Aubrey Whiteside.