The top CV errors to avoid

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People say you learn from your mistakes, but when it comes to putting your CV together you may be able to learn from other people’s CV errors.

Patricia Frazer, careers manager for Banbridge, Lurgan and Lisburn in the Department for Employment and Learning’s Careers Service offers the following advice:

“Some of the examples below may be amusing, but getting things wrong when trying to impress a prospective employer is the last thing you want to do.

“Proofread your CV very carefully or, better yet, get someone you know or a careers adviser to proofread it for you.

“Typos happen all too easily. Don’t be like the job seeker who “revolved customer problems and enquiries” or “often uses a laptap”.

“Consider presentation - a badly written CV will not make you look professional. Contact the Careers Service to get their advice about producing an impressive looking printed CV.

“No matter what your email address you use for your friends, use a sensible and businesslike address on your CV.

“I would recommend using the recently updated Careers Service website,, which has a range of online software tools including a CV builder tool, a Careers A-Z database with over 1800 career titles, career matching tools, and numerous general information articles.

“The bottom line is the most important thing when producing your CV is to take care, proofread, proofread and proofread again.

“Use our CV builder tool or a careers adviser would be willing to help you with this.”

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