Litter bug is swotted

Rubbish dumped at the entrance near Brookfield Factory.
Rubbish dumped at the entrance near Brookfield Factory.

The perpetrator of recent illegal rubbish dumping has been identified and slapped with a fine.

A local resident near Brookfield Factory contacted the Leader last week to complain of the substantial amount of rubbish that had been left in the area.

“It’s a lot of rubbish and has been sitting there for a fortnight now,” said the resident. “It’s getting spread about.

“People have said the council did a great job clearing up in Loughbrickland but the stuff round our way is still there.”

As reported in last week’s Leader, similar dumping at Loughbrickland Lake had been cleaned up quickly by the council but, as they later explained, they were not able to act as swiftly to remove the rubbish which was lying on private property at the Factory.

Nonetheless, the perpetrator was soon found and dealt with.

“The illegal dumping at Brookfield factory has been investigated by the council’s Environment Health Department and evidence has been found as to the perpetrator and the offender identified,” said a council statement. “This person has been served with a litter order notice and will be required to pay a set fine.

“Unfortunately as the dumping has taken place on private property, the council are unable to remove it, however the property owner has been contacted and requested to remove the items.”