Escaped cattle bring udder chaos to Church Square


Banbridge drivers could have been forgiven for feeling a little more bullish than normal during Friday’s tea-time rush-hour.

Motorists in the town’s Church Square area found themselves confronted with several escaped cows (pictured) which created udder chaos in the area for a short time. The cattle had made off when the trailer they were being ‘mooved’ in overturned on the road at around 5.30pm.

None of the animals were injured, and thankfully, when the steaks were down for local motorists, police and the farmer reacted promptly.

The Leader has ‘herd’ how, without milking the situation, they rounded the loose animals up.

They were held in an entry off Dromore Street until further transport was arranged - and there was then a ‘pat’ on the back for the swift actions of all those involved.