Family is re-united with their missing pet ferrets

The family pets have been missing since Monday.
The family pets have been missing since Monday.

A father of a four-year-old Banbridge boy whose pet ferrets went missing has been speaking of his relief that the animals have been found.

Last week, Niall McColgan told the Leader that his son, also called Niall, was left heartbroken after his pet ferrets had been missing from the Burnview property since Monday.

The pets ‘FIFA’ and ‘Digger’ had been removed by animal welfare as a neighbour thought that Niall had left them behind when he moved house. The family were set to be re-united with the animals last night (Monday). Niall told the Leader that his son was thrilled at the thought of getting his pets back.

Niall said: “My neighbour thought when I moved I had left them behind.

“Animal welfare rang me today so thankfully I’m getting them back later, the wee man is over the moon.

“I’m just happy for him because he loves them, when I told them they were gone he went totally quiet.”