Former town doctor lifts

A DROMORE woman's gratitude to her GP has prompted the creation of a new award, recently presented for the first time to former town doctor Jennifer Paisley.

Dianne Wilkinson, from Pound Hill, wrote some 17 months ago to the Royal College of General Practitioners Northern Ireland, to ask if there was any way of nominating a doctor for care of a patient.

And though she didn't know it until recently Dianne's tale so moved them that they decided to create an all-new 'Patient Nomination Award' that will now be presented annually.

"I was awestruck when I found out," said Dianne, "but Doctor Paisley is the first person to get her name on it and I can think of no-one any better.

"I've had disabilities all my life and I firmly believe that The Lord put her across my path because she was the best person for the job at the time.

"I've never met anyone like her before or since."

It was when suffering from Breast cancer that Dianne enjoyed a level of care she summed up as "well above and beyond the call of duty".

She said, "Dr. Paisley was more than good to me and would have done things for me.

"I took a very bad chest infection and she told me to come down before the surgery opened at dinner time to get checked out.

"She would ask if there was anything I needed or wanted and when you are not well that means a lot."

In her nomination Dianne penned a tribute for each letter of 'Doctor Jennifer Paisley'.

D was for Dedication above the call of duty; O, for Offers of help and assistance; C, for Care concern and calming manner; T, for Thinking of ways to make things easier, and so on.

In that way Dianne paid tribute to Dr. Paisley's readiness to listen and give advice, her endeavours to give encouragement, her friendly smile and welcome and much more.

She was easy to talk to, she said, never broke her word and if in doubt, checked it out.

"To tell the truth," said Dianne, "it was The Lord who did it. I prayed over that wee letter for something good to come out of it."

It was Dianne herself who, at a recent gala evening in the Templeton Hotel, handed over the award to Dr. Paisley, who now works at Dungannon's Northland Surgery.