Gilford man admits driving without insurance


When he was stopped by police for not wearing his seat belt it was discovered a 31-year-old man was also driving without having insurance.

Jason Harper, Woodlands, Gilford, admitted the offences last Thursday at Banbridge Magistrates Court. He was fined £350 and banned for three months for not having insurance and fined £50 for not wearing his seat belt. He was also ordered to pay a £15 offender’s levy.

The court heard that on January 15 this year at 3.25pm at Hunter’s Hill, Gilford, Harper was seen driving while not wearing his seat belt. Police spoke to him and he said he was sorry and he should have had it on. Further inquiries revealed he was not insured.

Harper said: “I know I should have insurance. I was just heading to the shop.”

A barrister representing the defendant said his last no insurance offence was in 2008 and since then he appeared to have cleaned up his act. He added that Harper now had a policy of insurance which was taken out the next day.

The lawyer explained that he was covered for another vehicle but this was not available that day. His electric ran out and he drove the short distance to the shop and back. Later in the court the barrister indicated that Harper wanted to appeal against the sentence. He was given leave to appeal on his own bail of £350 and given permission to drive pending appeal.