Grabbed custody officer by the testicle

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A Kildress man has been jailed for four months following a “nasty and uninhibited” attack on a police officer.

East Tyrone Magistrate’s Court heard how police were called to a house in Cookstown on the evening of May 31st.

The defendant, Ryan Rafferty, 27, from New Line Road, was at the house and in possession of a bottle of vodka in breach of his bail conditions.

He was arrested and transported to the police station where he became aggressive.

The court heard how he attempted to punch one officer, pushing them in the chest before kicking him in the left shin.

He then grabbed another man by the testicle and squeezed tightly.

“There was no justification for this,” said Mr Noel Dillon, defending. “He was under the influence but he shouldn’t have behaved as he did.”

Handing down a four-month concurrent sentence for each offence, District Judge John Meehan said, “This behaviour is part of a pattern because of your over-indulgence.

“It is time you faced your responsibility. This was a nasty and uninhibited attack.

“The irony is that this case began as being adjourned for a pre-sentence report.

“You then pleaded not guilty in July and the matter was fixed for a contest date in August.

“You squandered the chance for a residential... and took to drink.”

An offender’s levy of £25 was also imposed.