‘Grit boxes must be refilled urgently’

Grit box.
Grit box.

A Banbridge councillor has called on TransportNI to ensure grit/salt boxes in the local area are refilled urgently.

Ulster Unionist Party representative Glenn Barr has also asked the department to consider areas of Banbridge and Rathfriland for new grit boxes.

His requests come following the recent cold snap when wintry weather gripped many parts of Northern Ireland.

“I was getting a lot of messages about refilling of salt/grit boxes across the Banbridge area, so I put out an appeal for others to get in touch if their salt boxes or grit piles were empty,” he explained. “I was expecting 15 maybe 20 responses but got over 250 messages through the Banbridge Saints and Sinners Facebook page and my own personal page.

“Many residents are looking the salt boxes refilled due to the cold weather, and many rural dwellers are asking for resupplying of grit piles.”

He continued: “What has struck me is there are many areas that do not have any grit boxes, making driving extremely dangerous.

“I understand that TransportNI policy deems a 5% gradient for salt bins and unfortunately many areas that need salt bins are excluded. However, many areas that fall outside of this policy back onto steep hills such as Downpatrick Street in Rathfriland or the Ballymoney Hill in Banbridge.

“I am challenging TransportNI for a speedier resolution for salt bin refills and to provide more grit bins across the Banbridge area.”