‘Harsh moves needed to put brakes on speeders’


A local motorist has answered concerns about dangerous

drivers on a stretch of

Banbridge’s Lurgan Road by proposing a battery of

draconian measures to put the brakes on speeders.

“I would rather have a free society and an open-road policy than become a Big Brother state,” said the frustrated driver, who did not want to be named.

”But, if motorists continue to speed and have accidents, more speed cameras will have to be installed and restrictions on driving imposed by Government agencies.”

Those restrictions, he suggested, might include more stringent constraints on R-drivers, speed-limiting devices making it impossible for a vehicle to exceed a given speed and/or other devices which would register and electronically report excess speed, resulting in an insurance penalty.

It was in recent weeks that another local resident claimed drivers were dicing with death along the road between Seapatrick and the Broken Bridge Road junction, hitting break-neck speeds, while some bikers were doing wheelies into the bargain.

Taking pedestrian safety into account too, this week’s concerned motorist said: “The problem near Seapatrick is some motorists speed and overtake at this straight stretch, to or from the corner of the Broken Bridge junction, to gain a few car lengths before the speed limit signs at Seapatrick.

“Also, the footpath on this part of the Lurgan road needs upgraded. I fear for my safety when traf fic comes very close. Vehicles are only inches away and when lorries pass you are afraid you could be blown out onto the road.

“The footpath needs a higher kerb and pedestrian safety barriers installed at narrow parts.”

The man went on to envisage a world where every police vehicle had integrated speed cameras and indeed the general public might be induced to fit speed cameras to their vehicles and outside their homes, with the promise of free or reduced-cost insurance.

“Manufacturers could also install speed-limit devices in their vehicles,” he added.

The police, meanwhile, are on record pledging that road safety remains a priority in Banbridge.

Inspector Nigel Graham said: “We have worked hard over the last number of months to highlight the importance of road safety and encourage the public to report any instances of careless and/or dangerous driving . . .

“ . . . We cannot act if we are not made aware of an issue.”