Parents reminded about flu vaccines

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The Public Health Agency (PHA) has launched this year’s childhood flu vaccination programme, reminding parents how important it is that their child receives the vaccine, which will help protect against the disease and reduce its spread.​

The vaccine changes each year to cover the strains which are likely to be prevalent over the course of the flu season, so it’s important that children get immunised annually.

All pre-school children aged two years and over on 1 September 2015, and those in primaries one to seven, will be offered the flu vaccine as part of the programme.

The vaccine will be administered through schools. Younger pre-school children can receive the vaccine from their GP surgeries.

Parents of pre-school children can check with their GP practice on arrangements for getting the vaccine. Parents of primary school children should look out for letters and consent forms over the next couple of months as children should be bringing them home in their school bags.

For more information about the flu vaccine visit or speak to your GP or member of staff within the school nurse team.