Historical Society starts new season

Hugh McShane.
Hugh McShane.

Banbridge Historical Society starts the new season in great style on Thursday 1st September, in the Old Town Hall, Banbridge at 7.30pm.

Hugh McShane’s talk on the night, ‘Photographs, Posters and Cartoons 1912-18’ revisits the main events, personalities and the different forms of propaganda used during this momentous period.

Hugh has undertaken a series of illustrated lectures on Ireland 1912-1922, a period when events were to change the history of Ireland.

This decade was filled with drama, tragedy, excitement as each year brought more dramatic and unexpected developments, and the major personalities of the time emerged to take their place in the unfolding story.

Anyone seeking to gain an insight into events that occurred over a century ago will find Hugh’s talk a stimulating and informative.

Banbridge Historical Society has organised an interesting programme for the next year. It includes a talk by Dr. David Hume on The Picts and Scots, one by Jill and Denis Wilson on the 1918 Rolls Royce Drive from the Great Wall of China to Paris, Dr. Gavin Hughes on Buildings at Risk and Dr Stephen Goss on Northern Ireland and the Cold War.

Members of Banbridge Historical Society are very friendly and welcome newcomers. Membership costs £15 for the year. This includes free entrance to all talks along with light refreshments.

The society organises two outings during the year, one around Christmas and the other during the summer.

The charge made for attendance at a single lecture is £3 and again that includes light refreshments.