Historical Society to be given talk on the Amish people

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Rosemary Hamilton is coming to Banbridge Historical Society on Thursday 9th April to talk about the Amish People.

The meeting will begin at 7 30pm. in The Old Town Hall and visitors are very welcome.

The fee for a visitor is £3 00 which includes light refreshments.

The ancestors of the Amish emigrated to United States and kept themselves separate from the rest of American society.

As a result their ancient culture and religious beliefs have been kept intact. They do not believe in using modern technology and as a result are still ploughing using horses rather than tractors.

They do not have televisions or phones although it is permissible to go to a phone in an emergency.

Their houses are without electricity and their towns have unusual names, such as ‘Blueballs,’ ‘Intercourse’ and ‘Pleasure’.

The women earn extra cash by hand sewing exquisite patch work quilts which are hung, for sale, from the trees during the summer months. All in all they form a fascinating group of people.

Last month Valerie Wilson, the Curator in Charge of Textiles at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum, talked about Irish quilts and coverlets.

This was a very interesting, well illustrated talk. Valerie showed photographs of quilts, and the people who had made them with, as far as possible, a local connection.

She described very ornate quilts made with luxurious fabrics along side those belonging to poorer families.

These were particularly interesting bepast did what we are advised to do at present - reduce, reuse and recycle.