How Ryan nearly didn’t get stunning Rathfriland pic

Ryan's stunning image of Rathfriland enveloped by fog.
Ryan's stunning image of Rathfriland enveloped by fog.

The fog which shrouded the country last week, grounding flights and causing traffic chaos across the UK, provided one local photographer with the opportunity for the perfect picture.

Ryan Simpson, a 24-year-old junior architect and photographer from Warrenpoint captured a beautiful shot of Rathfriland surrounded by the fog.

The stunning image shows the sleepy town blanketed in a layer of fog, with the town’s water tower peaking above the misty scene.

Ryan, who posted the image online on November 2, wrote: “Rathfriland above last night’s fog.”

Describing how the shot was taken, Ryan said: “Most of my photography the past 12 months has been based in the Mournes and with that comes the opportunity to see some views that a lot of people don’t.

“I climbed Slievenaglogh with friend and photographer Alistair Hamill to shoot the sunset over Ben Crom and Slieve Bearnagh.

“That was a great experience, but it was when we were on our way back down again in near darkness that this opportunity presented itself looking towards Rathfriland.

“Temperature inversions are a landscape photographer’s best friend and when you’re above them you’re guaranteed some original shots.

“Everywhere was shrouded in fog but the town along with the iconic water tower punched it’s way above it.

“I nearly didn’t get this shot because of a technical fault with my lens...bit of a patch up job later and thankfully I did.”

Ryan has been overwhelmed by the response to his photo, which went viral online.

“I took the photo on Sunday and it all started on Monday when I shared it with the BBC online, and it went viral from there.

“I’ve taken a lot of photos but this one has got more response than all of them.

“I’ve had people looking to order prints, not just from Northern Ireland, but ex-pats too.” Ryan described getting the image of Rathfriland as ‘one of those things’, as he had stayed up the mountains for the sunset.

“It was incredible, Rathfriland was just poking up, it was the only place you could see.

“It was just one of those things.

“Northern Ireland is a very small area but it has a wide variety of landscapes.”

Ryan, who has been taking photos for four or five years, says photography is a ‘passion’.

“I’ve been working on a personal timelapse project in the Mournes, filming on the different peaks every weekend when I’m not working.

“I would describe myself as a pretty serious amateur photographer. It’s just a passion.

“Who knows where it will take me,” Ryan added.

“It just takes a shot to get your name out there.”