Katesbridge to be focus of world climate investigation

Could this be the future for Katesbridge?
Could this be the future for Katesbridge?

Katesbridge’s reputation as the coldest place in Northern Ireland may have a shocking explanation which could make it the centre of a global investigation.

The small hamlet is often noted on weather forecasts as recording the lowest temperatures and the reason has always been given as its geographic location near the Mourne Mountains.

But it has now been revealed by scientists that there could be another reason. “We have been calculating the earth’s orbit and tilt around the sun and given continuing climate change we believe the polar vortex is switching to this area,” said Dr. Wan Foo Ler of the Astro Futures (AF) Institute.

“It is already happening which is why this village is so cold but eventually Katesbridge will be the new North Pole.”

Research is continuing but Dr Foo Ler refused to comment on claims that penguins are to be intoduced to the River Bann to see if they can survive as the area gets colder.