Life and death matters at meeting


The Southern Health and Social Care Trust is hosting public events to encourage people to come together to discuss what matters to you in your living and dying.

The local event will take place onMonday 6th November, at the Laurencetown Centre from 2-4pm

Melanie McClements, Acting Director of Older People and Primary Care for the Southern Trust said, “Talking about death and dying can be very difficult and sensitive and many of us avoid doing so, whether we are ill or in full health.

“Yet it is important to talk more openly to the people that matter to us about what we would like them to know, and do in the event of serious illness or death.

“We are encouraging everyone to start to think and talk openly about their wishes.

“We are inviting anyone who would like to take part to one of these very gentle and supported events to have a conversation about what matters to you and begin to plan ahead.”