Lights plan allays child safety fears

FEARS for the safety of children attending Dromara Football Club have been eased by news of plans to improve street lighting and a footpath in the area.

Mr. Paul Stewart of Lagan Valley MP and MLA Jeffrey Donaldson's office says Roads Service had agreed the improvements at Rathfriland Road for this financial year.

The move, he said, followed lobbying by local DUP representatives.

"We were approached," he said, "by local residents and those attending the local football club, requesting more street lights on the Rathfriland Road, leading to the football club from Finnis.

"We lobbied Roads Service and have met with them on several occasions regarding residents' concerns over safety, especially that of children attending the local football club.

"Roads Service have agreed, this financial year, to increase the lighting and improve the footpath."

Mr. Stewart said the DUP locally would be working along with Dromara FC and other organisations in the area in relation to the development.

Meanwhile, he welcomed Roads Service's resurfacing of the Ballynahinch Road, Dromara on the heels of resurfacing at Dundrum Road.

"I would welcome this improvement by Roads Service at Ballynahinch Road, "he said, "along with the full resurfacing of the Dundrum Road.

"The Dundrum Road alone cost 90,000 to resurface and it would have cost much more to fully resurface the Ballynahinch Road."

Mr. Stewart said he intended to meet with Roads Service in the near future to discuss resurfacing of the Hillsborough Road.

"The Roads Service work has totally improved the roads structure leading into Dromara," he said, "and people I have spoken to are delighted.

"I congratulate Roads Service on their hard work and indeed their commitment to the village of Dromara, where I know they have other schemes planned in the near future."