Litter louts blamed after dog is injured in Huntly Wood

Buddy suffered a serious cut to his front left paw.
Buddy suffered a serious cut to his front left paw.

A local woman has issued a warning to Banbridge pet owners to be careful after her beloved dog sustained a serious injury while on a walk in Huntly Wood.

Buddy the collie had to be taken to a vet for treatment after stepping on a discarded can and suffering a deep cut to his front left paw.

Owner Gillian Brown posted a picture of her injured pooch on Facebook alongside a public appeal for people to share the post with others in the Banbridge area.

Under the heading ‘Warning to anyone who walks their dog or takes their kids into Huntly Wood in Banbridge’, the post said: “This is our wee dog Buddy who has just had to spend this evening in the vets having the tendon and pad of one of his toes reattached as a result of slicing it open on a discarded can!

“My poor dad was walking him when the blood literally started gushing from his paw. The vet’s consultation room was like a murder scene there was so much blood.”

Gillian’s post goes on to highlight the problem of littering in the wood and the potentially serious consequences of people leaving their rubbish strewn on the ground.

“Dad has been saying for the last few weeks about how much rubbish is lying about over there, left by lazy “people” (I’m trying to be polite!) who can’t be bothered putting stuff in a bin or taking it home,” she continued.

“Poor Buddy has had to suffer the consequences of people’s lack of consideration for others and may never be the same again, as there is no guarantee that the tendon or the pad will heal properly.”

The post also appeals to others to be careful if planning on visiting Huntly Wood - a 10 acre woodland that’s popular with local families and dog walkers.

“Please be very careful if walking down there. This incident has caused us a lot of worry over our wee man as well as a substantial vet’s bill. Please share around Banbridge so that no one else has to go through this. A walk in Huntly was part of Buddy’s and Dad’s daily routine but he will think twice about that again, after Buddy is back on all four paws,” Gillian added.