Local pupil spells out the future for new ‘App’

New-Bridge Student Jack Delaney
New-Bridge Student Jack Delaney

New-Bridge Student Jack Delaney successfully qualified for the second year running for the BT Young Scientist of the Year and presented at the prestigious competition in Dublin last weekend.

Jack has developed a new app called ‘Class Spell’ which allows teachers to create spelling tests for their classes. The teacher inputs the words to be tested and once the pupils take the test it corrects them. It allows the teacher to alter the pass/fail rate, monitor a pupils progression and input subject specific vocabulary. His app will be available on the app store in the next few days and it very user friendly.

Jack started working on his app last year and received the amazing news that he had been awarded a scholarship to Apple, California last summer! Jack returned full of enthusiasm to develop his app further. He submitted an application to the BT Young Scientist and was shortlisted to showcase his project in Dublin last weekend. Jack was interviewed by experts in the technology field (generally University professors and leading technology designers). The judges gave Jack some great feedback and told him how the app could be further developed. Jack has taken the advice on board and is excited about the future potential of his work.

Mrs Morgan, Science teacher, who accompanied Jack to Dublin said “I am immensely proud of the work that Jack has put into his project. He completely coded his app from beginning to end, unaided. He is an amazing young man and one to watch out for in the future.” 4,251 students from 383 schools entered 2,031 projects for the 2018 BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition. Staff and pupils at New-Bridge offered their congratulations to Jack for qualifying for the competition.