Local rescue centre gives neglected animals hope

Owner of Paws and People animal shelter, Nadine Weir, has a special gift for working with abused and neglected dogs helping many on the road to rehabilitation.

Last week Nadine spoke to the Leader about the rescued puppy farm dogs in her care, but that’s only part of the story as her shelter takes in all kinds of animals and there are many more dogs who need a home.

“These animals are my life,” said Nadine, who opened the Banbridge rescue centre a year ago, along with her mum.

“We used to volunteer with another rescue and could see how many animals needed help. We are not a charity as yet, but we’re in the process of applying for this.”

The rescue is home run and doesn’t use kennels. “The dogs live in the house and garden like our own dogs, but that is good as it keeps them used to family life,” said Nadine.

Nadine believes the reason she relates so well to frightened animals is because she herself suffers from social anxiety. “This is why I love working with shy or abused dogs as I bond so well with them and understand how scared they are of humans.

“We take great pride in rehabilitating dogs who have been neglected as it allows them to learn to love again.”

Among the dogs Nadine has helped rehabilitate is Levi who was six months when he came to the rescue and so badly abused that he would cry when touched. With Nadine’s help he now loves hugs and has learnt how to walk on a lead and play.

Nadine said: “Levi has become my shadow. He no longer cries when you touch him, but rather he loves to come over and get hugs and cuddles.”

Thunder too needs a home. He is six months old and is deaf. He was advertised on facebook free to good home four times before arriving at the rescue.

Zeus and Zena were rescued with three other litter-mates from a house in Craigavon where they were kept in a filthy yard with no mother.

They were never played with or handled. Sick and scared when they arrived, Nadine had to place them all with at Vets 4 Pets, Craigavon, but only Zeus and Zena survived.

Nadine also has two goats currently looking for a home. “They are very friendly boys and love human company.”

“We are a non-profit, unregistered and non-funded rescue and we rely fully on our own funds,” said Nadine. “We are not a business, we just rescue animals and then find them homes, all with our own funds and life savings.”

To support the rescue or find out more about their online auction and Amazon wishlist visit the Paws and People Facebook page, ring O2840629821, or email pawsandpeopleni@gmail.com