Lockhart reselected as the DUP candidate

Carla Lockhart and Jonathan Buckley
Carla Lockhart and Jonathan Buckley

Carla Lockhart has been reselected by the DUP to stand in the Assembly election on March 2.

In May last year Carla topped the poll having been a local councillor for nine years.

The upcoming election, reduces the number of MLAs in the constituencies to five.

With Sydney Anderson not standing this time, Portadown Councillor Jonny Buckley will be Mrs Lockhart’s running mate.

Speaking after the selection Carla Lockhart said: “In May 2016 I thanked the people of Upper Bann for voting for me in such large numbers.

“Since then I have endeavoured to work for all of people of this great constituency.

“I represent people from all walks of life and all sections of the community.

“They come to me as they recognise a public representatives who works for them.

“Politics has been my life and I love what I do. My team and I will be back on the doors asking you once again to support the DUP to continue to deliver for you.

“We did not want this election but Sinn Fein were failing to deliver for their electorate. They used the RHI issue as a reason to collapse the institutions.

“Some parties will focus on RHI as their sole agenda item because it deflects from their failure to deliver at the Assembly.

“In the eight months of the Assembly I have spearheaded bringing over £500,000 investment into Upper Bann.

“If you want more delivery and more positive representation for you then vote 1 Lockhart.

“I am dedicated, determined and have a proven track record of hard work and delivery.”