Lockhart set for fight as she lays out stall for forthcoming election

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DUP Councillor Carla Lockhart, who is one of the confirmed candidates to run in May’s assembly elections, says she ‘is up for the fight.’

Known well in Lurgan and Craigavon, Councillor Lockhart says she has also in past years taken a keen interest in Banbridge affairs.

Speaking to the Leader, Cllr Lockhart said, “By way of introduction to the Banbridge electorate I want to start by telling you a little bit about me.

“I am from a farming family, and am the middle of three children so right from an early age I have known what hard work is.

“I am a graduate from the University of Ulster, Jordanstown with a BA (Hons) in Business and I am married to Rodney Condell (4 years), who is self-employed in the construction industry and also is a part-time farmer.

“I have been elected to Local council for almost nine years and count it an honour and a privilege to serve as a representative.

“I endeavour to work hard for my constituents and support in whatever way I can local events and organisations.

“I have always been someone who stands up for what I believe in, but will take steps to work with others to deliver for the community and people I represent.”

“Banbridge and its surrounding villages has so much to offer,” she added.

“It is progressive, inspirational and one that many would like to mirror with regards to its business acumen and vibrancy.

“For Banbridge and the surrounding villages I want to help grow the economy, I want to inject life into our town centres by trying to attract new businesses, attract investment, I want to help secure funding for our sporting clubs and facilities.

“I want to see investment in our education system and our local schools.

“Roads network and public transport is also a key priority on my agenda.

“Educational underachievement is an area I am intending to take a keen interest in, along with Post 19 provision for children with special needs.

“Whilst continuing to work day and daily on grass root issues, bread and butter issues that affect you, the people.

“Politics within Northern Ireland is moving forward and I want to play a part in that transition.

“I believe we must grasp a new vision, and embrace the fresh start that so many want whilst not forgetting our past and the scars that still exist and remain deep.

“I, along with my colleague Sydney Anderson, am up for the fight because I believe I can, along with Sydney’s experience, bring a new skills set to the political arena and one that is focused around delivery on the ground for the people of Upper Bann.”