Lockhart thanks public for support

Carla Lockhart
Carla Lockhart

DUP Councillor and Upper Bann Assembly candidate Carla Lockhart has said a big thank you to all those who have pledged their support for her in the forthcoming election.

Speaking just two days out from the Assembly Election Carla Lockhart said: “I have been humbled and overwhelmed by how accepting the people of Banbridge and the wider area have been to me and would like to thank them for their support.

“I have served on Council for nine years and have been able with the help of others to deliver for the people of Banbridge and the wider area.

“I want however to continue with that delivery at an Assembly level. I want to focus on education, health and job provision. I want to help our small business grow and attract more investors to the area.

“It is essential that Stormont works so that it can deliver for you the people of Upper Bann.

“I want Arlene Foster to lead this country and to deliver on her five point plan for Northern Ireland.

“We want to keep household bills low, and work towards a Northern Ireland where people are proud to work, live or do business in.

“I am a 31-year-old woman with a vision and a plan for this area. I believe if elected people will recognise the commitment, energy and drive I have to make Upper Bann an even greater place.

“I want to ask everyone to place their trust in me as a candidate and vote Lockhart 1 on Thursday 5th May.

“I am determined, dedicated and utterly focused on delivery.

“Thank you again for the support I have received on the doors and to all those who have assisted with canvassing, putting up posters and helping in other ways.”

Meanwhile, in the lead up to the elections Cllr Lockhart has said that Council and Central Government need to work harder to stamp out Animal Cruelty.

“Animal cruelty has been a big issue on the doors whilst out on the election trail,” Cllr Lockhart said.

“It is utterly unacceptable behaviour and I believe every effort should be made by Council to tackle it, and ultimately eradicate it.

“The frustration around animal cruelty is the perceived lenient sentencing.

“A slap on the wrists does not deter from reoffending or stop others getting involved in this barbaric activity.

“I have asked Council to work up an advertising campaign to raise awareness that Animal Cruelty is utterly unacceptable in the ABC Council area and the process people use if they suspect animal cruelty.

“The legislation needs put to the test.

“People who offend should face the full rigours of the law and to that end I will be perusing this with Council.”