Man finds DIY cannabis pipe on Dromore walk with toddler

Dromore Community Centre - close to where the drug paraphernalia was found
Dromore Community Centre - close to where the drug paraphernalia was found

A Dromore man out walking with his 14 month old son has discovered drug paraphernalia on a lane in the area at the back of Dromore Community Centre.

Tim Rea was helping his young son look for pine cones when he came across the improvised utensil which, he said, police later confirmed as ‘no doubt having been used for smoking pot’.

Dromore drug paraphernalia find

Dromore drug paraphernalia find

Tim said: “The weekend before last I’d gone for a walk with my son to collect pine cones to dry out and use next Christmas.

“We were walking slowly and looking round us for cones when I noticed the suspicious-looking bottle stuffed in a hedge behind a wire fence (pictured right). It had been cut and modified with tape.

“It was pretty obvious to me what it was. The only other thing I thought it might possibly have been used for was to filter oil into a car, but really I had no doubt that it was used for taking drugs.

“There seemed to have been no effort made at all to hide the bottle. I think young people nowadays are becoming less concerned about trying to hide the fact they are getting high in public places, like parks.”

“I left the item in situ and contacted the police to let them know where it was,” he continued.

“When I described the utensil to the officer he said there was no doubt it had been used for smoking pot,” said Tim.

“I think it’s a pity these young people have been doing this in an area so close to Angling First who work to get young people off the streets and away from these very sort of problems such as drug use.”

Tim said he moved to Dromore four years ago as he felt it was a good choice for bringing up children.

“I’m a father with a young son and we moved here because we felt Dromore is a quiet town with a good community feel about it.

“I have always felt these sort of problems were associated with bigger towns, but now that I see evidence of these problems in our own town naturally I feel I want to do something about it.

“I would prefer that my son does not grow up surrounded by drugs.

“This stuff causes devastation.”

Warning young people away from using drugs, Tim said: “Youngsters tend to use arguments like - this stuff grows naturally and therefore is a natural thing to use, but the people who grow this here in Northern Ireland have major problems and the young people who begin using it become a part of those problems and bring those problems on themselves.”