A DROMORE man caught driving at 105mph on the A1 in his Porsche 911 has been told he was driving at a 'crazy speed'.

A fine of 500 and six penalty points were imposed on Malcolm Donaldson (33), of Banbridge Road, who was told he was getting 'the benefit of the doubt.'

The offence was detected on May 26 in the 70mph zone of the A1 dual carriageway.

At the local court last week barrister, Mr Justin Byrne said Donaldson, a building developer, was driving a high powered vehicle.

Magistrate, Bernie Kelly pointed out that if he could not tell, while not looking at the clock, what speed he was travelling at, he needed to do his test again.

Referring to the Porsche 911 she added: "If you don't feel the need to travel at speed, you don't need to buy them (powerful cars)."

Mr Byrne said Donaldson travels throughout Northern Ireland and his licence is essential to his employment.

"He accepts he made a mistake and it was a high speed," he added.

Ms Kelly said that looking at Donaldson's record "he has a problem with his right foot".

"The A1 is one of those stretches that have claimed a number of lives," she continued.

"Mr Donaldson, I have to say I am very loathe to take anyone's licence. You are probably within the age group of someone who hasn't had to sit the theory test. 105 is a serious speed.

"Imagine the damage you could have caused if for any reason you had lost control. The opportunity to lose control at those speeds is much higher.

"Your very next step out of line is going to lead to you going off the road. This was a crazy speed.

"In England and Wales once you go over 100mph it is an automatic ban. I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt but your next trip to court will lead you off the road," Ms Kelly concluded.