‘Master’ Pam guest speaker in Dromore

Renowned Sussex beekeeper Pam Hunter.
Renowned Sussex beekeeper Pam Hunter.

Renowned Sussex beekeeper Pam Hunter will be Dromore Beekeepers’ Association’s guest speaker when it meets - in the lecture

theatre at Dromore High School - at 7.30pm tonight (Tuesday, May 19).

Pam will address members and visitors on ‘Honey-Bee Nutrition and Colony Health’. examining how honey-bees collect and utilise pollen and nectar and how individual bees - and thus the colony - can cope with adverse conditions.

“The survival of honey-bees and thus the benefits for fruit growers and farmers depends on the availability of nectar and pollens,” a spokesperson said, “and the current unseasonably cold spell makes this a particularly important matter for local beekeepers.”

Pam is a microbiologist by profession, having spent three decades in the pharmaceutical industry researching new antimicrobial agents.

She has always loved all aspects of natural history.

She took up beekeeping in 1989, inspired by the book ‘World of the Honey-Bee’, by Colin Butler, and has since gone on to become a Master Beekeeper.

She holds responsible positions in the Central Association of Beekeepers, the British Association of Beekeepers and the Bee

Improvement and Bee Breeders’ Association. S

he lives in rural Sussex and writes and lectures mainly on the scientific aspects of beekeeping and the interaction of bees and plants.

Pam has spoken previously at the Ulster Beekeeping Association’s annual conference at Greenmount and at Dromore Beekeeping Association and is recognised as an expert in her field.

Beekeepers and members of the public with an interest in honey bees are invited to the meeting.