Matt jumps for joy during talent show

Matt McCreary jumping over Ant and Dec
Matt McCreary jumping over Ant and Dec

Banbridge lad Matt McCreary made a jawdropping entrance on Saturday’s Britain’s Got Talent show, one that the judges will no doubt never forget.

However, it was a stunt that came off for the talented 20-year-old free runner as he got through to the next round.

Matt jumped from the balcony of the theatre before making his way onto the stage in front of the judges then even somersaulted, leapt and tumbled over Ant and Dec.

There was even a warning ‘Don’t Try This At Home’ which flashed onto the television screen.

Judges Alesha Dixon, Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and David Walliams were left open-mouthed but it was an entrance that impressed them all as they gave Matt the thumbs up.

Amanda Holden said, “We have never seen anything as brave and dangerous before.”

Afraid that Matt had injured himself Simon Cowell asked: “Oh my God, Matt are you really ok?” as he lay on the theatre floor after diving from the balcony, pretending to be hurt.

David Walliams joked: “Jumping over two people who are that short isn’t really such a big deal.”

Matt, started his free running career while growing up in Banbridge where he would jump off benches, walls and even roofs.

One of his most death defying stunts happened when he stood on a ledge at Queen’s University blind folded and then did a backward flip.

Matt teaches free-running in the T13 Urban Sports Park in Belfast, where he is sponsored by IronFit and now wants to become a stuntman.

“I do a lot of work with cross-community youth groups and personal lessons with martial arts fighters,” Matt said. “I have been adventurous since I was kid. I was always climbing trees and me, my brother and my dad have been to the top of every peak in NI. He would take us to a different mountain every week.”